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New specialized coatings solutions for parquet from Teknos Malaysia

Industrial parquet coatings for all requirements

Teknos Malaysia is excited to introduce a new range of wood flooring products that are made available in SEA. The new specialized coating solutions for parquet are designed to emphasize the naturalness of the wood material and protect it from everyday wear and tear.

Regardless whether it is for residential or commercial floors, all Teknos coatings have been developed to provide high-quality finish with exceptional resistance as well as to meet wide end-use requirements and range of processes. Supermatt or high gloss floors, with or without open pores, vintage or modern designs, whatever your needs, we have a finishing solution for you from our enhanced oil-based, UV and/or waterbased product range. Plus, we are able to provide customized coating possibilities to suit your production process.


Support with choosing the right system
Choosing the right system depends on a number of criteria, including the existing line and number of rollers available, target square metre costs, required abrasion, scratch, micro-scratch and chemical resistance as well as the desired optics and haptics.

In order to make choosing the right system easier, Teknos has defined a number of build-ups that meet typical requirements and are well proven in practice. Based on these build-ups, Teknos can easily pre-select a choice of systems meeting the customer's requirements in terms of properties and target costs.

In addition to that, customer and line-specific build-ups are possible any time. Teknos experts will also help with planning or optimising a production line. If a customer sets up a new line, Teknos experts can advise which units to choose for the best finishing system. 


Colour Options
Teknos offers various colourant systems consist of Hydro color, Hydro UV color and UV color that allows flexibility in creating colors and effects for achieving the perfect floor colour to complement the interior.

As Teknos customer, you will be baffled by the endless possibilities. We offer ready mixed colors make from our production site in Malaysia or pigment package for your inhouse tinting. 


All Teknos coating systems can be customised to meet your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.





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Specialised Coating Solutions For Parquet in SEA

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