Sharing is Caring — Merry Christmas!

The year has been difficult for all of us in many ways. Support for our local communities is even more important now than ever. Teknos wants to contribute its part in supporting the local community to get through these unprecedented times, from assisting the local government in transporting medical supplies to donations to help families, children, and people in need.

Teknos Sweden's annual donation to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

Teknos Sweden continues its holiday tradition to donate to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund (Barncancerfonden, in Swedish) as Christmas gifts to customers. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is Sweden's largest financier of childhood cancer research with the aim to eradicate childhood cancer. With a small donation, Teknos helps the Foundation to continue its work to ensure that affected children, teens, and their families receive the care and support they need.

Teknos GBI donating to Crisis helping the homeless across the UK

This year, instead of customer gifts, Teknos GBI donates to Crisis; a charity that helps fight homelessness. Even at the harshest time of the pandemic, and during the Christmas period, Crisis volunteers will be providing food and festive treats as well as giving emotional and wellbeing support. Our donation will help those less fortunate have everything from a place to stay, Christmas games, to volunteer befrienders.

Teknos Finland donating to the Good Holiday Spirit campaign supporting low-income families

It has been Teknos Finland's long tradition to send gifts and chocolate to customers every Christmas. This year has been an exceptional year: the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on household finances. This is why Teknos Finland has decided to use the fund intended for customer gifts and chocolate to support the families in need. The fund is directed to the Good Holiday Spirit campaign (Hyvä Joulumieli, in Finnish) that gives out food vouchers to low-income families with children. With the vouchers, families can buy food for Christmas. The campaign is run by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the Finnish Red Cross together with the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

Teknos Denmark: gifts for a warm Christmas

Every Christmas Eve the Folkekøkkenet, a community kitchen in Kolding, holds a cozy Christmas dinner and gathering for people who are in difficult life situations.  But this will not be the case this year. Due to the current restrictions, the Folkekøkkenet will be celebrating in a different way. The kitchen will provide takeaway Christmas food and gifts. Teknos Denmark donates knitted beanies to the Folkekøkkenet Christmas gift collection. Those small gifts hopefully will bring warmness to the people during this holiday season.

Teknos China assisting the transporting of medical supplies to Malaysia during Covid-19

The pandemic has caused congestion in logistics worldwide and made transporting medical supplies across borders a challenge. Earlier this year Teknos China assisted the China Malaysia Chamber of Commerce during the process of transporting medical supplies from China to Malaysia. With the logistical support, the medical supplies arrived safely in Malaysia and have been used by the Government of Malaysia in controlling and containing the pandemic.

Supporting future generations and local communities is close to Teknos' heart

Building a future for the next generations is important to Teknos as a family-owned company. We want to participate in important social activities that contribute to building the wellness and resilience in the communities that are close to us.