Teknos will be appearing at IFMAC Indonesia for the first time with its recommended products after acquisition of Feyco Treffert Group

Renowned paint manufacturer Feyco Treffert came under TEKNOS ownership in May 2017. With a sales revenue of 72 million Euros, five production sites and 380 employees across Europe, Asia and the USA, this marks the largest acquisition that Teknos has made to date.

For the first time, Teknos will exhibit at the International Furniture Manufacturing Component Exhibition (IFMAC) from 9-12 October 2019 (Booth B3-C02) with the support rendered by its local Indonesian authorised distributor, PT. Gracia Mulya.

Teknos will be showcasing the latest innovation and combined coating expertise with a consolidated portfolio of paints for furniture, doors, floors and garden furniture. The key highlights are Teknos’ environmentally friendly finishing for a sustainable future:

·   New technology in digital printing / digital embossing
·   Water-based coatings for furniture and doors 
·   Full UV coating system
·   Exterior water-based garden furniture, window and doors
·   Fire retardant paint systems

Interior Furniture, Doors and Floors

Teknos develops and manufactures coating solutions for industrial manufacturing companies as well as professional products for wood craftspeople. The portfolio includes wood stains, oxidative drying oils, UV-curing varnish and oil systems, water-based 1K and 2K paint systems, care products and accessories. The focus is on solutions for interiors - furniture, doors, and floors.

Exterior Garden Furniture, Window and Doors

Whether pine or eucalyptus, premium or budget, opaque or natural - requirements in the surface treatment of garden furniture are diverse. Teknos offers industrial manufacturers in this segment a wide product range of suitable coating solutions, covering all of the typical requirements. Cutting-edge, practice-tested impregnations, multi-purpose and special primers, fillers, top coats and varnishes for a variety of bases, surface requirements and processes are available.

Fire Retardant Paint Systems

Among the proven Teknos solutions in this segment is a fire-retardant system for opaque coatings both indoors and outdoors - and thus perfect for cladding. For interior wall and ceiling cladding, corridors, stairwells and other unweathered surfaces, Teknos offers a state-of-the-art clear coat solution which allows natural indoor wood surfaces even under strict fire regulations.

For a sustainable future with environmentally friendly finishing

As sustainability becomes a higher priority, many are closely examining the chemicals used in their production processes, as well as any potentially harmful substances released into the environment by their activities. The finishing treatments and binding agents used can pose a risk to consumers, even after they leave the manufacturing facility. The trend to use waterborne coatings and/or UV curable systems in finishing is increasingly becoming inevitable while manufacturers are continuously improving technologies and economics for the use of these environmentally friendly coatings systems.

Teknos’ unique coating systems offer technically superior surfaces and is highly committed to contribute towards the protection of the planet. For Teknos, sustainable solutions and services do not only mean complying with regulations and legislations but also contuinously developing and offering competitive products, technologies and services that meet customers’ needs by using fewer or more sustainable resources and materials as well as developing coating products with no or low VOC content and increasing the use of renewable and secondary raw materials in all its paints and coatings.

We make the world last longer.