A unique solution for bathroom wood furniture manufacturers

Wooden furniture in the bathroom is an environmentally friendly option, along with an earthiness feel that bring us closer to nature. Regardless of vanity shelf above the countertop sink, a toiletry cabinet at the bottom, a bench or a stool, the wooden furniture with warm texture is able to create an amazing centerpiece to any bathroom, provide functional space and style from minimalist to traditional. However, untreated wood substrates are susceptible to damage caused by water splashes, warm bath vapour and moisture absorption from high humidity. A safely treated, waterproofed wood substrate and well-finished surface by the furniture manufacturer is essential to ensure a long-lasting performance of wooden bathroom furniture. 

Common problems of wooden bathroom furniture:

The penetration of water or moisture over time can cause the wood substrate to swell, weaken, rot, fall apart and allow the formation of mould to grow. Thus, apart from using high moisture resistant wood substrates, manufacturers must ensure the coated finishes create an effective barrier to prevent moisture or water from seeping into the wooden furniture and causing irreversible damage. The right coating materials and finishes not only make wooden furniture easier to maintain but provides additional protection, such as against stains, discolouration or scratches.

The effects of prolonged water and and moisture absorption/exposure on wood substrate

Solutions by Teknos 

Teknos new Waterborne Spray Basecoat 234 is developed to support the multicoat pigmented coating system for bathroom furniture and can be applied on doors too or any type of interior furniture that that are often exposed to water. This product has a trio functions of being primer, basecoat and topcoat that provides excellent sealing, moisture barrier protection, prevents stain from seeping into the furniture surface and maintain the natural feel and authenticity of wood. This product can be easily tinted to preferable colours and applied by spray coating onto solid wood, fibreboards and particleboards. It is an eco-friendlier product compared to traditional solvent-based coating.

Good hiding power for opaque finishes

Tintable opaque colours

Excellent sealing and moisture resistance

Good stain resistance

Good adhesion

Serve as primer, basecoat and topcoat

Process optimisation

By using the multicoat pigmented coating system, it can simplify the process by reducing the build-up from the conventional five-layer coating which generally uses three products, to three layers with one single product of Teknos WB Spray Basecoat 234. This can optimises the coating consumption (gm per m2) that is required in the whole process to achieve the desired quality. Effective process improvement helps manufacturers to operate efficiently and maximise their productivity with cost efficiency, so they can deliver more values and realise greater returns.

Comparison between conventional system with Teknos single product multicoat pigmented system:

Higher productivity, efficiency, and increase output

With the optimised processes using the new Teknos WB Spray Basecoat 234, the comparison results showed significant time savings when total layers are reduced from five to three, application time per panel, full drying time, and sanding frequency. Thus, helping the furniture makers to achieve higher productivity, production cost efficiency, and increase in quality and quantity (output) by simply eliminating non-essential steps and reduction in downtimes. The entire process is now becoming faster, simpler and more economical.

No redundant product, better inventory control

By reducing the number of products that need to be used to complete the finishing build-up, it means the furniture manufacturers do not need to buy and stock-up for three different products (SKUs). As such, the elimination of maintaining more spray guns to fill with different paints. This helps in reducing the inventory, cost, workload in handling large inventory assortments and valuable storage space is freed up too.

Superior quality and surface finishing

Teknos multicoat pigmented system is designed to protect and prolong the lifetime of interior bathroom wood substrate from moisture attacks. It has high quality finishing, good opacity, consistent colour, and excellent adhesion.


Build-up recommendation and quality performance:



Yanuar Yogaswara Maryono
Business Development Manager, Exterior Coatings