Solution & Application technique for Antique Finishing

Antique Finish is a unique finishing that requires special techniques in application that provide a brand-new furniture piece with a rustic and antique look. Teknos offers high quality products and services for industrial application and they are formulated to keep your products looking their best year after year even though they are looking old and rustic.


Glazing gives vibrant life to wood furniture

An interesting application technique of glazing commonly used in the interior wood finishing industry aids in achieving a vibrant color effect with an "Antique finish" look or known as “American finish". This puts a vintage twist that bringing out the underlying subtle charm of an old family favorite, it transforms a piece of newer or a bland standard piece of wood to make it look timeless, antique-style and distressed with a little bit of paint and stain. 

During the glazing process, a thin layer of glaze is applied on a base primer transparent or solid color, the glaze after which will be wiped off while retaining some of the glaze product in distressed and grainy areas. This provides a "highlighting effect” and a unique contrast difference between the glaze, the base primer and/or the grains of the wood substrate. The effect of the glaze product gives a warm and perfect rustic look and feel towards the human eyes even though the piece of furniture was freshly baked from the oven. 

Teknos Waterborne Glaze is a solvent-free waterbase glaze targeted to give a highlighting effect that is mentioned above. This product is uniquely engineered in Teknos Malaysia to provide a simple and errorless application process while having the flexibility to tint the product to achieve a vibrant contrast differential. Adding to the exceptional qualities, it is formulated with no harmful solvents such as toluene, xylene, acetone and ethyl acetate and release fewer volatile organic compounds (VOC) than other finishes making it a better choice for health and environment for your family.


Appearance of an antique finishing:

  • Creating wormhole
  • Creating distress
  • Creating an aged appearance (Glazing)
  • Creating an aged appearance (Brushing)


  • Enchance constast differential
  • Easy to apply
  • Reduce drying duration
  • Flexibility to tint
  • No harmful solvent
  • Low volatile organic compounds (VOC)

A complete application guideline towards attaining an “Antique finish” or “American finish” may or may not be limited to equalising, staining, priming, distressing, glazing, shading and clear coating. The application steps selected are always subjected to the type or tone of wood substrate and the desired finish to be achieved; white or light paint distressed with a dark brown stain provides a shabby, yet chic-style finish.

Build-up recommendation:

For manual spray, brush and wiping applications on solid pine

* Results and the exact application weights vary depending on exact build-up system, application process and quality of subsctrate (surface properties). All our Teknos coating systems can be customised to meet your specific requirements.


Yanuar Yogaswara Maryono
Business Development Manager, Exterior Coatings