Coating wooden windows and doors in Central Java for export to Scandinavia

Case: Quality & Processing Problems

Qvesarum AB is a design manufacturer of high-quality windows, doors, kitchens, orangeries, bathroom furniture, construction, interior and exterior furniture, and other carpentry of interior building details and furnishings.

Headquartered in Löberöd, Skåne, Sweden, Qvesarum products are produced in Indonesia and exported to the Scandinavian region. Products are showcased and available for sale at Qvesarum stores in Sweden: Malmö and Slogstorp.

Qvesarum believes in genuine craftsmanship and professionalism; all products are carefully constructed with sustainability in mind and Qvesarum only uses materials that are healthy for both houses and people.

Quality and Sustainability Improvements at Indonesian Manufacturing Site

With the company values that care for both people and houses in a quality that lasts, Qvesarum was looking to improve the product quality as well as the option to use healthier and environmentally friendly waterborne coatings.

Coating approximately 100 windows, 50 doors and 4 orangeries, 20-30 bathroom or furniture items per month with their former solvent-borne coating system, they were experiencing moisture ingress into the wood, especially at the end-grain, resulting in cracks and flaking in the paint, poor adhesion as well as inconsistency of colours.

At the request of their Swedish office, Teknos SEA team contacted PT. Qvesarum Asia in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia to offer our solutions and services to help them overcome the product quality and performance issues. 

Solution: Stronger, Better for the Environment

With Qvesarum keen to move away from solvent-borne systems, the Teknos waterborne portfolio of exterior industrial coatings was the perfect fit. Teknos has now been supplying exterior products to Qvesarum since 2020 ranging from AQUAPRIMER 2907 wood preservative, ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901 primer and tannin blocker, AQUATOP 2600 as the topcoat and TEKNOSEAL 4000 end-grain sealer.

European Durability Standards and Climate Demands

Local Teknos exterior coating expert who is also the Business Development Manager for Indonesia, Mr Yanuar Yogaswara Maryono explains the recommended system: “The customer coats pine, teak and mahogany destined for the cool, damp climate of northern Europe, so our solution had to include a wood preservative to protect against wood destroying and discolouring fungi and meet European wood durability standard EN599-1.

This is followed by a primer that prevents tannin bleed and finished with a topcoat that is easy to process, extremely weather-resistant and provides reliable protection against UV radiation, tinted in the RAL or NCS colour shade according to their customers’ demand and gloss grades from 15 to 60 are also possible”.

Qvesarum_arch windows inside.jpg

Shared Values

Teknos offers ready tinted colours made from our production site and supplies them ready-to-use to Qvesarum Indonesia for direct application without the hassle of mixing and matching the colours by themselves. The colour pigment used in Teknos exterior products is also specially designed for exterior use that allows the final product to perform with good weather resistance and light fastness.

“Qvesarum and Teknos share similar values where sustainability is integrated into our strategy, business model and our everyday work. I am glad that our Teknos waterborne solutions and products are able to help Qvesarum in achieving their values to customers of offering long term quality for a more sustainable world, together we make the world last longer”, said Wanda Smith, Managing Director of Teknos Malaysia.  

Benefits of Teknos Coating Systems

Suitable for manufacture in SEA

  • In general, compared to other waterborne exterior products on the market, Teknos products’ drying process and time are proven as suitable for South East Asia (SEA) weather conditions and tropical climate.

Faster process times

  • Surface drying is faster, allowing sanding to take place before applying the next layer – achieving faster processing time.

Smooth finish by spray application

  • Each of these layers takes 2-4 hours to dry depending on conditions, leading to considerably improved lead times at Qvesarum Indonesia - after brushing or spraying the first layer, the remaining coats are sprayed, a fast and easy technique resulting in a smooth and even finish.

Cross-border support

  • Better still, with Teknos offices in both Scandinavia and SEA, product is readily available locally, so any small touch-ups to transit damage can be easily rectified in Scandinavia with the exact same product that precisely matches the original paintwork applied in Asia. 


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Qvesarum advocates long-term quality for a more sustainable world, and offers a healthy workplace where each of their employees has access to development opportunities, and makes them feel good and happy at work.

Emil Linderberg, CEO at Qvesarum AB

“Not only has productivity improved but the finish is now highly durable. Switching to waterborne coating solutions is definitely a better choice for the health and safety of our employees and customers. It has reduced our impact on the environment which along with our other initiatives, such as, only working with FSC© certified wood, make us a more sustainable business. With Teknos’ expertise, we are developing our portfolio of waterborne coated products including wooden gates and interior wood for bathrooms too.”

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