Teknos has launched a bio-based furniture wood oil

As part of its strategy to develop sustainable solutions and services and to decrease usage of fossil fuels Teknos has launched a bio-based, waterborne external furniture wood oil. The bio-based WOODEX BIOLEUM wood oil is sold on the consumer market. Over 80% of the wood oils raw materials are made from renewable resources.

In WOODEX BIOLEUM, the use of non-renewable resources such as crude oil has been minimized and replaced by more sustainable friendly, vegetable oil-based solutions. Further, due to fact that the product has a higher volume solid than conventional wood oil, a smaller amount of the product is needed to treat a larger surface.

Only one layer is needed and should be applied to get the best results. The main raw material in the furniture oil is linseed oil, which has been chemically modified. Treating the furniture with the wood oil will extend the lifespan and protect the object from weather conditions such as rain or sun.

WOODEX BIOLEUM product is designed to protect garden furniture and is sold on the Finnish and Swedish market. Extension to other markets and objects are in the pipeline.

Teknos actively seeks for new alternative solutions for raw materials of fossil origin such as bio-based raw materials or secondary raw materials and investigates the possibilities to utilize side streams from other industries in terms of circular economy.