Our service

Teknos prides itself in providing outstanding customer support. We stay close to our customers to understand their unique requirements and provide advice on technical issues.

Customer support

From Customer Services to our Technical Team to our Reps on the Road, Teknos customers have support available whatever their enquiry.


Teknos paints create a problem-free experience. If issues do occur, our experience and technical expertise means you will be back to business-as-usual in no time.


When your joinery business is successful or your customers’ décors dazzle, we are happy to have played a small part in that. So we do all we can to encourage success by providing information and marketing materials for you to offer your customers, sharing your news and case studies online and approving use of our brand on your website.

What our customers say

"I am not given to writing reviews and I have waited 18 months after using it.  From a new build I used *** No 93 external with all their under coats etc.  It cracked and peeled within 18 months and I then took to sanding affected areas and repainting with their paint.  I had to spend a week a year doing this.  A friend put me onto your paint and I phoned you.  The match was perfect and the coverage immense.  It has solved the problem after I sanded back the loose *** and applied primer and your Aquatop.  I covered over the sound *** with 2 coats. After 18 months it looks as good as 18 months ago.  It is marvellous and has solved my problem and I have recommended Teknos to lots of friends.  It is a truly great product and it's elasticity seems to allow for expansion and contraction and it is a pleasure to apply as it has a mildly jelly like consistency.  Though slightly more expensive than others I reckon you get over double the coverage of other paints. Thank you for giving me back weeks of my life!"    GC, 3/10/17

"Door is finished, great result with TeknosPro Futura Aqua 80. Painting the frame the same as the door gives a classy look."    HF, 1/10/17

 "Teknos is a faultless finish. Easy to apply and great results. Never lets us down."    RB, 7/8/17

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