Timantti Clean

Antibacterial Interior Paint

Anti-bacterial, Class 1 scrub rating. Touch dry in 1 hour, recoat in 3 hours. High wear resistance and hygiene levels, ideal for hospitals and other high traffic areas. Available in base 1 & 3. Classified EN 13501-1: B - s1, d0 for reaction to fire, does not contribute to the spread of flame.

The antibacterial active ingredient, prevents harmful bacteria cells from dividing and stops microbes from multiplying. Contains BioCote® silver phosphate glass antimicrobial technology.

Cleaning the surface maintains the antibacterial efficiency because the entire paint film, not just the surface, is active.

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Applications Rooms that are dry, humid or damp where surfaces must be antibacterial and highly hygienic e.g. wet rooms, health centres, hospitals, schools
Type Acrylate dispersion paint, classified to Group M1. EN 13501-1: B - s1, d0 classified
Gloss level Semi-matt
Spreading rate 6–8 m²/l
Thinner Water
Application method Brush, roller
Package sizes 2.7, 9 Litres

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