A quick and easy guide to painting your furniture

Upcycling old wooden furniture is all the rage at the moment – it’s fun, rewarding and a much cheaper alternative to buying new things. With a quick glance around the house, we bet there is at least two pieces of furniture that you could revitalise with a lick of paint. 

Found them? Let’s get upcycling!

So first things first – buying the right paint:

Here’s where our expertise comes in, Futura Aqua 20 is our best paint for painting wooden furniture. 

When it comes to choosing colours don’t hold back, take your pick - but be sure to opt for Futura Aqua 20 when it comes to the type of paint you choose. It’s a semi matt interior paint and provides a beautiful smooth finish over wood and metal. This makes it particularly suited to furniture and panelling.

Next Up – Prepping your surface:

Surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and other contamination.


Apply a first coat of paint by thinning the paint with 5 to 15% of clean tap water, depending upon the porosity of the substrate.

Finish by applying at least one undiluted coat, two on new substrates, or as required to achieve desired colour and finish.

If you are painting over significant colour changes, we recommend that you undercoat with Futura 3.

We recommend the use of Futura 3, to promote adhesion on all surfaces and on unprimed substrates, before applying the Futura topcoats.

Drying Time:

The paint should dust free after 1 hour. The overcoat should dry after 2–14 hours depending on your conditions, but the furniture will be thoroughly dry after 2–3 days. 

Final hardness and durability will, in normal conditions, be achieved after 1 month.

Painting Tip:

Use a high quality synthetic bristle brush!

So what are you waiting for? Order your paint today and get upcycling!