Using paint colours to make spaces appear bigger or smaller

Do you find that you always want what you can’t have? It’s one of life’s cruellest tricks – the grass always appears greener on the other side!

The same applies with our homes and gardens – those that have open plan living/kitchen rooms long for two separate rooms – those that have two separate rooms, long for open plan.

Well fear not, we have just the answer to one very common problem – the desire for small rooms to appear large and for large rooms to appear small and cosy. The answer lies in a subject close to our hearts – PAINT!

To make a smaller room appear large

Choose a paint colour that has ‘cool’ tones – any kind of neutral or pale colour.

Paint all your surfaces in the same cool colour.

Make sure flooring is painted or stained dark and the walls are light – the floor space will appear larger

Paint the ceiling as lighter shade as possible, at least lighter than walls – you want the deepest tone of your colour to be nearest to the floor and the lightest shade on the ceiling. This will give an illusion of space.

When choosing your furniture, try to pick colours that are the same as the walls. A united colour will make the room feel bigger.

To make a large room appear smaller

Choose a warm paint colour.

Opt for a warmish yellow but be sure to tone down the brightness with a white ceiling and white woodwork to ensure it doesn’t consume the room.

A warm shade on a ceiling will bring down the height of a room and make it feel cosier.

When painting warm and louder colours on the walls and ceilings, be sure to keep the floor and carpet a neutral colour.