Home makeover on a budget

Paint is a great way to give your home a bit of a makeover without spending big bucks.


Fireplaces in the UK were a common feature in most houses up until the past 20 years. Whether your fire surround is made of wood, metal or brick, Georgian, Victorian or from the 70’s, a lick of paint will breathe new life in to an old, dated fireplace. 

Proper preparation is key for cast iron or wooden surfaces. If you need to remove an existing colour then use a paint stripper and a plastic scraper to remove old paint.

Make sure you abrade the surface prior to painting by using sand paper (for wood) or wire wool (for cast iron). Then make sure all dusted is removed by thoroughly cleaning the surface with a damp cloth.

Apply a coat of adhesion primer and allow to dry before applying your topcoat which will help your top coat to adhere to the surface. Be sure to get the right paint for the job so if you’re painting a brick fireplace go for a specialist masonry paint.

Exterior windows and doors

Set a good first impression and ensure your exterior windows and doors look the part. Your exterior should set the stage for the style that will unfold on the inside. 

Interior wood panelling

Wooden panelling in the home can look a little dated and can be costly to remove from walls. But a coat of paint can transform a dowdy 1960’s interior in to a bright modern room. Ensure you prime the panelling first and paint it on just as you would a normal wall. Mask off the ceiling and trim for a clean edge and then allow to dry before applying the top coat.

Kitchen cabinets

A new kitchen can be an expensive project, but brightening your kitchen cabinets with a new coat of paint can transform the room. Make sure you do the job properly though which means taking off the cabinet doors and removing the drawers. Ensure you number each door and drawer as you remove them so you know where they go back. A piece of masking tape stuck on the back will work just fine. When it comes to preparation ensure you don’t cut any corners. Sanding and priming are key to achieving a quality finish. 

Old furniture

Up-cycling is a big trend at the moment and a fresh lick of paint can breathe new life in to old items. From metal bar stools to chest of drawers or console tables, you can transform a room simply by changing the colour of the furniture. Old pine bedroom furniture is one of the easiest projects to start with and a fresh lick of in Futura Aqua 40 in a soft grey such as Cottom Tail 701 from our Colour Mode range, will look fantastic

Garden panelling

Painting your garden panels can not only transform your garden but can also lift your interior by providing a more appeasing view to look out on. Translucent and semi translucent colours are a popular choice for garden panelling but opaque paints work well too for a bolder look. If you are putting new fencing up then it’s easier to paint the panels before they are put in place. Be sure to buy a paint suitable for exterior joinery such as Futura Aqua 40 as this will provide protection against weathering.