Upcycling with Teknos

Bring your tired furniture back to life with Teknos

Turning old furniture into beautiful new creations can be really easy with TeknosHome and it’s a great way of breathing new life and colour into your home. Our TeknosHome paint portfolio is perfect for your latest or even first, upcycling project.


Up-cycling an old chair, coffee table or chest of drawers couldn’t be easier as you don’t need to strip off all the old lacquer and prime before applying the paint. Just lightly rub the piece of furniture down with a scourer so that the finish is flat and slightly rough to the touch, remove the dust with a damp cloth and wait until the surface is dry. Then you can get to work with any of TeknosHome’s Colour Mode range of Futura Aqua paint.


If you’re looking to turn a piece of junk furniture into something modern and eye catching, then choose a bright, bold colour. Painting a single, individual chair or bookcase in a cool, vibrant colour is a great way of putting a modern twist on upcycling.

We’ve picked out these 2 TeknosHome colours that we think would look great on a furniture, makeover project.

Try these in Colour Mode: Pale Cerulean 523, Morris 411

The Futura Aqua range is a modern and low odour range of paints with excellent durability which is very user-friendly. They also boast excellent resistance to weather and UV rays and so these paints will retain their colour and gloss over time. 
There is no need to wax the surface either when you use Futura Aqua. It’s easy-to-apply both by brush and roller giving a smooth finish on vertical surfaces, without any of those annoying drips. It couldn’t be easier!

Check out the TeknosHome website for more help and advice on any of your painting projects.