Putting some time back into family life with a touch of paint!

Did you know that the average family only spends about half an hour with one another during the working week?

What with all the distractions of modern day living along with the weekend chores and domestic duties families are seeing less and less of each other.

Well here at Pride and Joy we want to change that! It’s high time families took some of that time back!

With the summer holidays coming up we thought it would be a great idea to let your child pick out a new colour for their bedroom, and then help you paint it. It’s the perfect opportunity to both spend quality time together and brighten up the house!

With 769 different shades of luxury paint to choose from, there is sure to be something that suits every child (and every house proud mum). From fun rich colours to more subtle neutral tones, what better than to start the new academic term with a fresh look to your child’s bedroom to make them feel all grown up!

Our paints are made by an established specialist in Scandinavia with a strong pedigree so top quality is guaranteed. The paints are easy to apply, no-drip and quick drying so you could have two coats painted in no time.

The paints are available exclusively through our website with the option of next day delivery.  A 2.7-litre tin costs from £34 while the sample pot is £3.95. All paints are available in 900ml, 2.7l and 9l pots except for Futura Aqua 80 which is available in 900ml and 2.7l pots.