The Rise of Natural Wellness

Scandinavian living space

A report by the Wood Window Alliance explores the emergence of the 'natural wellness' home, identifying three key trends:

Homely Wellness

Our desire to have more nautral materials in the home in order to restore our connection with the nature and make a positive effect on our welbeing. This is also reflected in the increased interest in the Scandi trend - "lagom".

Nature Through Nurture

We are now increasingly bringing the outside in; more of us are including more plants and greenery in our homes in an attempt to go green indoors.

Plastic Purging

Plastic is out and wood is in; consumers are actively seeking to decrease the amount of plastic in their homes, following the recognition that toxic plastics not only harm our home, but harm our planet too.

With additional analysis by architect Oliver Heath, the report is a fascinating view into the future of materials in our homes and their construction.

Download the full report here.