Painting Preparation – half the battle

When it comes to painting a room, good preparation is key for success



When it comes to painting a room, good preparation is key for success. By following Pride and Joy’s simple steps you should be half way to victory!

Wear suitable clothing – All the gear and no idea springs to mind. Look the painter/decorator part and others may take you seriously! Just make sure you’re wearing something you don’t mind getting dust and paint on.

Clear the area – If possible, move all furniture out of the room and into the centre. Cover your treasured possessions with a dustsheet or something similar. In theory this should make it easier for you to access every nook and cranny with ease. NB: ‘in theory’

All filled out – There may be holes in the wall, possibly from old nails or screws where pictures were placed: prior to painting these should be filled. Using plaster filler apply one or two applications and then wait for it to dry.

Smooth Operator - Smooth over rough surfaces with sandpaper to ensure the areas to be painted are even.

The clean zone – Wipe with a damp cloth and dust or vacuum all areas and surfaces to be painted. This helps later on and stops dust and fluff getting in the way of your masterpiece

Protect the edges - Use masking tape to mask around all edges that are going to be painted and around any other fixtures and fittings. Ever admired a paint job and wondered how the painter has kept the colours so neat? Well this is how! Do remember to remove any tape whilst your final coat is still wet, otherwise you may take half the paint off with it once it’s dried.

Cut in – Using a brush for smaller areas, paint carefully around all the outer edges of the surfaces to be painted, going around all those fiddly areas like light switches and above the skirting boards etc. This can be a very slow process and will take concentration and a steady hand but is worth it for the next part.

Now get the big roller brush out and roll to your hearts content!


Now that all the prep is done the fun part of your Teknos Home painting project can really begin