Some handy tips on how to paint a wall

For those of you who are experienced decorators, this blog might not be for you – but for the less experienced painters out there, hopefully some of these tips on how to get started on painting a wall will come in handy.

Use a primer or basecoat – we’ve got just the one for you!

Then half fill a paint pot with your Teknos interior paint and dip in a 50mm brush up to one third of the bristle length. The biggest mistake people make is to over-fill their paint brush.

Be sure to hold the brush at a 90 degree angle to the ceiling and then paint a straight line, going into the corner between the walls and the ceiling.

Next, turn the brush parallel to the ceiling to go over the first stroke of paint. Keep the bristles of the brush close to the ceiling but be sure not to touch it.

Then – repeat all of the above along the bottom and the top of the wall.

The final step is to feather out or light brush out the paint in long brush strokes.

Simples - Happy Painting!