Paint the Town Red

Don't be afraid to use a little red here and there...


Holly Golightly may have talked about being afraid of the mean reds in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but when it comes to interior design, there’s no need to be afraid of this uplifting and wonderful hue!

People are often nervous of painting a room red – but remember that you don’t have to paint the whole room rouge. If you’re not brave enough to go all out and paint all four walls a daring red, but you want to incorporate the colour somehow into your home, pick a feature wall or a piece of furniture and showcase your roaring red that way.

As Elle Décor so wisely put it:

‘Red is a daring choice, but the results can be rewarding: a high impact design statement that’s bold, inviting and – unapologetically – sexy!’

We think that if used confidently, a sleek and stylish red (chosen, of course, from one of our eye-catching red colour palettes) can instantly add luxury to your room scheme this season.

The refreshing application of sleek and sophisticated ruby red, as shown above, is sometimes just what a room needs to give it that statement wow-factor. The living room above is painted in PJ 9436, a hot-pink/red the perfect reddy shade for a lounge.


Check out Martha Stewart’s Red Room feature for some inspiration on where and how to use red in your home. Our particular favourite is the painted red staircase!


Teknos Home’s paints are made by experts in Scandinavia and are designed to be easy-to-apply, non-drip and quick drying.