Next up in our colour inspiration series is beautiful La Boca in Buenos Aires, Argentina

This very special neighbourhood is actually inspiring for lots of colours. Mainly because it showcases all the colours of the rainbow!

La Boca is known for its vibrantly painted houses, its bohemian roots and the Argentinian tango dancers that line the streets at the weekend. The neighbourhood is rumoured to be doused in coloured paint because immigrants would come to the poor area via the dock close by - using any left over paint that they found lying around, they would paint the outside of their humble abodes in an attempt to spruce up the neighbourhood.

So which colours can we take from La Boca as inspiration and apply to our homes and offices? Well truth be told, any colour! Take your pick:

PJ 8285

PJ 9188

PJ 9281

PJ 8688

But what’s more important to take away inspiration wise from this destination - is to be bold with colour.

Let’s take some lead from those immigrants, who made the most of a place by grabbing some paint and decorating it. If something looks a little drab or boring, spice it up with your favourite colour – La Boca style. It’s amazing how much paint colour has brought to this working class neighbourhood, it’s now a small cultural refuge that tourists flock far and wide to see. I bet those immigrants had no idea what they were starting when they found those pots of paint!