Next in our summer colour inspiration series - some deep blues inspired by the city of Jodhpur

This week we’re taking some colour inspiration from India – but more specifically from the city of Jodhpur, dubbed the ‘Blue City’ of India.

No guesses for which colour we’re taking from this location then!

Located in the North Indian state of Rajasthan - Jodhpur houses thousands of vividly-painted blue buildings. The old city circles the fort and is bounded by a wall with several gates, which over time has greatly expanded.

The local people willingly paint their homes in deep shades of blue using the indigo plant that is native to the country.

So while we’re dreaming of Jodhpur we’re thinking in blue:

Blue works well in nearly any space, it’s calming, clean, refreshing and works well with most other colours.  Bedrooms and bathrooms are particularly favoured spaces, it’s a great way of bringing in some colour without taking too much of a risk.

So here you have it, some deeps blues inspired by India.