It's all white

Done properly, painting your house white can leave you with an ultra chic look that enables you to mix it up as often as you like with minimal effort.

White. Most people either love it or hate it when it comes to home decor. Those who hate it tend to think it lacks creativity, warmth or personality where as those who love it, love how it maximises natural light in a room, makes a space feel bigger and can aid a good night’s sleep when used in bedrooms.

Here’s our top tips on how to use white properly in your home.

Tint your white

Depending on whether you have a north or south facing house or live by the sea, in the city or surrounded by woodland, you should consider tinting your white to enhance your surroundings. Choosing the right white can have significant effects on the mood of your room and the atmosphere it creates. Whites tinted with warm colour pigments can increase blood pressure and help to create a positive vibe. This makes them ideal to use in areas where you socialise and entertain. On the other hand cool whites create a sense of coolness and calmness making them ideal for bedrooms, home gyms and bathrooms.

You can also use tinted white to balance the level of natural light in your room. For example, if you have a south facing room that has the sun flooding in all year round, consider tinting white with blue or green. To the naked eye you will barely notice the difference but the finished article can have dramatic affects and keep your room, cool and fresh. Try our Biora Balance in a neutral colour from Colour Mode.

Alternatively, in a north facing room or if you live in a particularly cold climate then the wrong white can be visually chilling. Tint white with warm colour pigments which will replicate the warmth of the sunshine.

White floors

A white washed wooden floor can work wonders in bedrooms and bathrooms to maximise the space and bring a sense of calmness and serenity. These are also the rooms that are easiest to keep clean (no dog paws or mucky shoes) so they shouldn’t require too much additional up-keep.

White textures

If you’re scared that too much white will look clinical – then maximise the use of texture. White painted brick walls look super stylish in urban apartments and can give an old fireplace a new lease of life. In sitting rooms, pair white painted walls with textured soft furnishings as well such as knitted cushions and throws and natural unfinished wooden furniture.

Bright textiles

White is a great backdrop for people who get bored too easily or are too scared to put bright colours on their walls. Keeping your walls white enable you to add colour through textiles which can be easily swapped depending on your mood and time of year. After all it is easier to change textiles than go through the process of re-decorating your walls on an frequent basis.