Inject some fun into your home with Teknos home paints

Clashing shades can look amazing in the home.

Clashing Colours

Clashing colours always seem to be the one thing that we are scared of when getting dressed in the mornings but it doesn’t need to be the same way for your home. Used carefully and mixed with colours of an equal tonal strength, clashing shades can look amazing in the home. 

You can really begin to experiment with colour when you’re not worried about clashing and achieve an individual look using three to four completely different colours in one room. Mix vibrant shades of pink (PJ 9336), orange (PJ 8586) and red (PJ 9386) for a feminine yet bright and fun space or green (PJ 9484) and fuchsia (PJ 9436) with metallic accents for a calmer, sophisticated room.

Experimenting with clashing colours can add so much fun and life to a room.