Biora Balance: for a luxury, matt finish

Introducing Biora Balance: A Teknos Home paint that creates a luxury matt premium finish.


Biora Balance highlights the tranquillity of lighter shades and accentuates the energy of stronger colours – the perfect balancing act for your home!

This week we’re giving you some practical advice and tips on where and how to use Biora Balance:


Practical spreading rates are as follows:

Previously painted surface 7–10 m²/l New plaster or plaster board 4–7 m²/l


Dust free after 1 hour: Overcoat after 2 hours


Surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from dirt, grease and other contamination.

We recommend the use of Biora 3, to promote adhesion on all surfaces and to seal new plaster, before applying the Biora topcoats.

Be aware that unprepared surfaces may lead to flaking, peeling or variations in the appearance of the final finish. Stir thoroughly before use.

Apply a first coat by thinning with a 5 to 25% of clean tap water, depending upon the porosity of the substrate.

Finish by applying at least one undiluted coat, two on new plaster, or as required to achieve desired colour and finish. For significant colour changes, undercoating with Biora 3 is highly recommended.

NB: This product is not recommended for painting over lime or other natural plasters. Do not paint in temperatures below 10°C or excessive heat above 30°

Tips on Brushes:

Use a high quality synthetic bristle brush. New brushes should be washed in clean water and thoroughly dried with a clean, lint free, cloth.

Avoid immersing brush too far into the paint to prevent paint from entering the ferrule. Avoid drips and splashes by not overloading the brush.

Apply paint in even strokes. For the highest quality appearance, keep final brush strokes all in the same direction maintaining the wet edge.

Do not over coat paint, which has already begun to dry.

In high ambient temperatures the working time maybe extended by diluting the paint 10 to 15% with clean tap water. We recommend the use of a roller for large flat areas.

Happy Painting!


Teknos Home’s paints are made by experts in Scandinavia and are designed to be easy-to-apply, non-drip and quick drying. There are six finishes to choose from, for interior walls, wood and furniture, in a wide colour range.