Do you keep walking up to the front door and feeling ashamed?

Fear not - we have just the solution for you:

Paint it!

It’s simple enough advice but with our help you could have your front door looking as impressive as Downing Street’s. Sadly we can’t provide such high calibre of visitor, but we can promise that it will look just as shiny and important as David Cameron’s front door!

How? With Futura Aqua 80

Futura Aqua 80 is a high gloss paint that will be sure to create the ‘Downing Street Door’ look. It provides a glossy and durable finish indoors and out on metal and wood.

It has a practical spreading rate of  8–10 m²/l and a dust free drying time of 1 hour.

The overcoat has a drying rate of  2–14 hours and depending on conditions it will be thoroughly dry after 2–3 days.

Final hardness and durability will, in normal conditions, be achieved after 1 month.


It comes in 0.9 Litre and 2.7 litre tins in all of the Teknos colours. So you can achieve that high gloss, city slick front door in a shocking pink if you like – you’re not restricted to black.

Happy Painting!