Choosing the right sheen

Why choosing the right sheen will make all the difference to the finished look and how long it will last for.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the different types of paint finishes on offer to you when decorating. It can be baffling at first - but choosing the right sheen will make all the difference to the finished look and how long it will last for.

So, let’s take a little time now to learn about what paint is best to use where…

Luxury Matt (Teknos Biora Balance)  

This paint has a flat finish that doesn’t reflect light creating quite a sophisticated, velvety look.  Perfect for ‘grown up’ rooms where the walls won’t take any knocks or scrapes. 

Classic Matt (Teknos Biora 7)

The perfect choice for everyday rooms, bedrooms, playrooms etc. It has a beautiful matt finish but will also handle a gentle wipe to keep your rooms looking perfect.

Semi Matt (Teknos Biora 20)

Biora 20 is a tougher, more durable paint so perfect in bathrooms and kitchens and any marks can be easily wiped away.

Semi Gloss (Teknos Futura Aqua 40)

This paint is great for use on furniture but can be used inside and out. It leaves a rich, satin finish and is easy to clean. Perfect for any upcycling projects you may have in mind. 

Gloss (Teknos Futura Aqua 80)

The high shine paint. Extremely durable finish for use indoors and outside, ideal for that glamorous looking front door. Remember, a high shine finish requires some preparation though as it can show all those little imperfections, use a primer to get a professional finish.

All our paints are safe to use around the home - they’re solvent free and virtually odourless too.