Brighten up for summer

Our range of home paints will help you get ready for summer.

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about revamping your home with a fresh lick of paint and, with a portfolio of 769 shades, Teknos home paints is bound to have the perfect colour for you.

The colour that you choose for your home can have a much bigger impact than you may think. Colour can impact our mood and energy and colours can engender different emotions so think carefully about what you want each room to do for you. Invite the sun into your home with vibrant yellows (PJ 8385) and oranges (PJ 8486) for happiness, energy, laughter and warmth or create a whole new atmosphere with deep purples (PJ 9288) and blues (PJ 9323) that ooze calm, sophistication and spirituality. 

Whether you are braving a whole new wall colour or upcycling tired furniture, Teknos home paint is perfect for every job. The paints are suitable for wooden, mineral and metal surfaces as well as interior and exterior use. The Biora collection features odourless, quick-drying, non-drip wall and ceiling paints while

The Aqua furniture paints are used on primed wood, metal and building board surfaces.

Our paints are available exclusively through TeknosHome with the option of next day delivery. A 2.7-litre tin costs from £34 while the sample pot is £3.95 and a Joystick (sample) is £1.20.

So, just for fun, are you a passionate red, a vibrant orange or a cool, calm blue? Take this quiz to find out which colour really reflects who you are and then chose a Teknos home paint to reflect your home’s personalities!

Enjoy the sunshine….