Flawless coverage and reduced workload

Prepping a wall for painting can take time, so finding a paint that will quickly ensure flawless coverage and reduce the workload of the task in hand can be refreshing. Why not save time and effort with Teknos Home’s luxury portfolio of paint? It can take just one coat to transform a room!

We have a vast range of paint to provide a stunning finish on interior walls, wood, metal and exterior surfaces so all types of surfaces can be instantly brightened with just one application. Also, no matter how gloomy the interior or dark the existing colour scheme you currently have, Teknos Home paints colours are practical and stylish enough to completely reinvent a space and create a fresh and feel-good feeling in a space at the same time!

Our collection is quick drying and waterborne, providing an easy-to-clean and wipeable surface, so is a hygienic and highly attractive choice for all families of all sizes. So whether you want to simply paint one wall or embark on a more adventurous makeover project to rejuvenate a whole home, Teknos Home paints has it easily covered, quite literally.

All our paints are available to buy online and with the fantastic option of next day delivery so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to get started!