Bold is not better when it comes to selling a property

Bold decorating and colours may not always be better when it comes to selling your house.



Lawrence Llewelyn - Bowen was a well-known face in interior design throughout the 90’s, thanks to a little program called ‘Changing Rooms’!

Llewelyn - Bowen was famous for his outrageous style and flamboyant approach to home interiors. It was by no means everyone’s cup of tea but it worked for him and it worked for TV. However it would seem that according to a Daily Mail article this week – it doesn’t work for everybody! His own home has actually decreased in value because the interiors were far too ‘out there’, forcing him to have a drastic revamp. Not that surprising to anyone who actually watched Changing Rooms and saw first-hand how he decorated a room!

Anyhow it got us thinking about how bold decorating and colours may not always be better when it comes to selling your house.

In a snapshot survey by bank HSBC, property valuers listed their top quick ways to help sell a home and boost its appeal:Repairing paint chips, or damaged wall paper, cutting the grass and trimming flower beds, repairing fences and gates andrepainting the front door were all mentioned as the best way to sell a house.

Peter Dockar, head of Mortgages at HSBC, said: ‘Many householders spend the Bank Holidays on DIY projects to help boost property value and saleability. However it is often the smaller jobs like painting the front door that can make all the difference when looking for a quick sale.’

So bearing this in mind we’ve got some top painting tips for anyone looking to decorate with a sale in mind or revamping a current property in readiness for a sale:

  1. RE-paint key rooms like the lounge using colours from a neutral paint palette that will appeal to anyone
  2. Paint over skirting boards and door trims that look tired with a bright white
  3. Paint the front door with a high gloss for the ‘Downing Street’ shine. Futura Aqua 80 has a glossy and durable finish for indoors and out.

We know it sounds a little boring but neutral really is the way forward when you’re selling a house.

The actual features of your property will be clearer and more appealing to the majority if you keep things simple. It’s amazing how a lick of a paint can transform a room – and remember that your taste isn’t always to everyone else’s taste. Looks like Llewelyn Bowen has learnt that the hard way!


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