Adding a little colour

Furniture makeovers with Teknos Home paints

Are you looking to make some updates to your home décor but don’t want a huge undertaking? Sometimes small changes can make a big difference especially when you play round with colour.

We’ve been thinking about how adding a splash of paint to something can really transform the look, it can turn a traditional, perhaps boring piece of furniture into something quite modern and unique. It’s all about showing your style and not being afraid to do something a little different.

Most of these ideas wouldn’t take too long either so if you want an updated look and you don’t have much time, then these projects could be perfect for you. 

Sideboard drawers

Here you have 2 options, paint only the drawers, leaving a wooden frame or again, choose 2 complementing colours. Furniture makeover!


The inside of a kitchen dresser

Choose two paint colours and add depth by painting the inside and back panel of a dresser or cabinet.

Picture frame or mirror

Old frames are easy to find and most of us probably have one lying around that either we don’t like or it doesn’t match our interiors. Painting the frame in a bright, vibrant, accent colour is great idea – perfect for when you just want to add a splash of colour or maybe just use up some old paint. How about TeknosHome colour Morris 411 from our Colour Mode collection?


Dining table legs and chairs

Again, another perfect use of an accent colour. Chairs and table legs don’t all have to match, mixing it up a bit adds character and individuality. It’s a look that can be easily updated too when you feel like another colour change. 

We have over 140 choices of paint colour so we’re sure there’ll be a colour perfect for your project. Happy painting!