5 interior design ideas to really lift a space

2. Paint some doors black 

We’ve got just the solid black paint that you need to paint some kitchen doors or a back door black. It’s very ‘Hamptons’ and makes a good impression on a room. It’s also a great way of sneaking black into a room without having to paint a whole wall.  

3. Build a window seat 

 If you’ve got the right type of bay window, a window seat is a must! Not only does it create more seating area but it looks cosy and warming. You can cover the cushion in a great fabric and paint the boxing around the base a crisp white 

4. Paint a dresser or cabinet  

Recycling an old dresser, wardrobe or chest of drawers is a great way to bring an old piece of furniture back to life. We’ve seen a lot of greys and blues being used on old pieces of furniture, the transformation is fantastic. You can make an old piece look new in half a day’s painting.  

5. Paint over a canvas 

Own an old canvas or piece of art work that isn’t really your style anymore? Purchase a pot of paint and paint over it in your favourite colour. It might sound a little strange but it does actually work. You might even get away with purchasing a sample pot  

Teknos paints are made by experts in Scandinavia and are designed to be easy-to-apply, non-drip and quick drying.