The future is Futura from TeknosPro

Futura Aqua in TC 8175

Ease of use and a superb finish ensure that TeknosPro paints easily meet the quality demands and time constraints of building projects as well as the need for minimal disruption and rapid job completion required on many maintenance jobs.

Designed for the professional, the TeknosPro Futura range of wood and metal paints is designed to be more durable than normal interior ones and will endure high stress and heavy use.  Designed for doors, window casements and furniture, the range is also perfect for touch-up projects while the paint is mould-protected.

The Futura portfolio comprises – Futura Aqua 20, semi-matt water-borne; Futura Aqua 40, semi-gloss water-borne; and Futura Aqua 80 gloss water-borne.