Teknos professional paints launches new water-based gloss

Woodex Aqua Solid from TeknosPro is perfect for doors, window casements and indoor and outdoor furniture

TeknosPro has added a new water-based gloss paint to its growing range of professional grade wood paints and finishes. Futura Aqua 80 is urethane alkyd-based gloss paint for exterior woodwork such as doors and window frames.

Designed for application with brush, roller or spray, it has a coverage rate of between 8 and 12m2/litre on planed timber (5 - 8m2/litre on sawn timber). The new paint gives a superb, even finish.

Futura Aqua 80 can be used on new and press-impregnated wood and is ideal for renewed treatment of old, faded wood stain surfaces as well as when a uniform colour is desired on old and new wood stain surfaces. Unlike traditional solvent-based paints, Woodex Aqua Solid is a low-odour, low-VOC formulation. Its maximum VOC level is 130g/litre.

Under normal conditions, Futura Aqua 80 can be over-coated in 12 hours. Cold or humid conditions will increase drying time. Since Futura Aqua 80 is water-based, brushes, rollers and spray equipment used to apply it are easily cleaned with detergent and water.

Futura Aqua 80 is part of a new range of paints and coatings launched under the new TeknosPro brand. Building on Teknos’ established position as the leading supplier of specialist joinery coatings in the UK and Ireland, the TeknosPro range is designed for professional tradesmen. The range includes paints, stains and varnishes for internal walls and ceilings as well as metal and wood surfaces.

Futura Aqua 80 is supplied in 0.9 litre and 2.7 litre tins.