Sustainability at Teknos

This sheet will provide information on how we could help, with our clients, to work towards a longer lasting world. It also presents our sustainability targets and goals.

Our goal is to protect the planet and make the world last longer.

Sustainability is a part of our strategy and integrated in our business model. We want to support every one of our employees make sustainable actions and decisions every day. Implementing sustainable thinking in our company is very important to us and we have already engaged all of our employees within the working environment.

Our main sustainability targets for the next strategic period are the following:

Sustainable solutions and services

To decrease VOC products annually by 5% annually

Not to add any MIT* in our products by 2025

*MIT is a skin sensitizing biocide/raw material which is used as a preservative agent in water-based paints. It can cause allergenic reactions. We will not add any MIT to paints after 2025.

Responsible operations and supply chain

Safety is very important to us. Therefore, we want to decrease our Lost Time Accident (LTA) rate annually by 10%

•LTAf measures the amount of accidents that cause at least one day’s absence per one million hour worked
•Further we work to decrease energy usage and amount of waste in our production sites by 5 % annually

We also want to take responsibility of our entire value chain. We aim to have:

•95 % of our suppliers covered by Teknos’ Supplier Code of Conduct (raw material spent) by 2025
•80% of our suppliers assessed by EcoVadis (a commonly used sustainable rating tool) by 2025 (raw material spent)

People development

At Teknos it is important to help our employees succeed in their jobs. Therefore we want to provide equal and great development opportunities for all.

Our main goals for people development support this. Our goal is have:

•100% of line managers completing Teknos leadership training by 2025
•100% of employees having annual appraisal discussion with his/her line manager by 2025

Future generations

For us as a family and entrepreneur owned company, it is important to support local communities and entrepreneurial spirit and thinking in the society. We also want to support young people to develop in their careers.

We hope that working with us we can achieve these together.

Teknos Sustainability Sheet

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