Stop the rot with Timantti wallcoverings from Teknos Pro

The new Timantti family of paints from Teknos Pro ( has been specifically developed to endure high stress and heavy use, especially in locations where damp or humid conditions are the norm.

These professional-grade products from the established Teknos organisation are designed to “endure, protect and isolate” and adhere to wear-resistant categories (MaalausRYL 2012) 04 and 05. Examples of situations where Timantti is ideal include where walls are constantly splashed with water or need to be washed, where spaces are subject to constant high humidity, and where rooms’ hygiene levels need to be controlled. The paints are equally strong in dry areas that demand durable wallcoverings. Obvious examples include highly-populated business premises, classrooms, staircases, indoor sports facilities, saunas, hospitals, food processing plants, public washrooms and general unheated spaces.

The seven-strong portfolio includes TIMANTTI 12, a matt wall paint which is ideal as a durable and washable top coat for interior walls and ceilings in public premises; TIMANTTI 20, a semi-matt acrylate wallcovering for dry and humid indoor spaces; TIMANTTI 3, a water-borne acrylate-based adhesion primer for walls and ceilings; TIMANTTI CLEAN, an antimicrobial indoor paint for dry, humid and wet spaces where surfaces must be antibacterial and highly hygienic; TIMANTTI STOP, an insulation primer for indoor walls and ceilings which insulates and fixes discolorations caused by soot, nicotine or water damage; TIMANTTI 40, a semi-gloss special acrylate; and TIMANTTI W, a water-borne moisture sealer that forms a steam-proof film for use as a moisture barrier on walls and ceilings in moist internal areas and wet rooms.

The Teknos Pro website houses an impressive colour chart and different sizes can be selected.

Teknos is a Finnish family-owned business, which was established in 1948. It is one of the leading suppliers of paint in Scandinavia. The versatile selection of Teknos products includes paints and coatings for wooden, mineral and metal surfaces, for exterior and interior use.

Teknos has a strong position in retail and architectural coatings and a network of well-established sales agents and representatives in Scandinavia, Central Europe, China and Russia.