Spring into Summer with... Woodex


..whether it’s cladding for the house,  or shed, decking, fences or garden furniture, Woodex Aqua Wood Oils provides an effective easy to use treatment.

For the best protection, the treatment should be renewed each year.

Woodex Aqua Wood Oil is a Waterborne natural oil which penetrates the wood surface, enhancing its natural colour and protecting it against rain.

Designed for outdoor use, on presevative treated wood, Woodex Aqua Wood Oil is available in a range of popular garden shades. It gives all the benefits of traditional Danish oils without the lingering solvent smell! 

Apply to a clean, dry wooden surface using a brush, cloth or sponge. Protects wooden surfaces against moisture and dirt, and when tinted, against UV.

Woodex is available in colourless and tinted shades.