Siloksan from Teknos Pro – durability and versatility guaranteed

For durable, moisture-resistant masonry paints, look no further than the new Siloksan range from Teknos Pro.

These paints have been developed to withstand the harsh Nordic climate which means that they have superb colour retention and a tough moisture-resistant surface to protect substrates from water penetration.

For a quick, no-primer option, choose Siloksan Façade. It is a quick-drying, flat-finish silicone emulsion paint in a wide range of colours that is easy to apply with a roller and gives a smooth finish with invisible joins. Ideal for external and internal masonry and brick, Siloksan Façade can be mixed with Siloksan Gel for the first coat to provide a quick-drying surface that can be top-coated the same day.

In both refurbishment and new-build applications, Siloksan Socle is the perfect choice for finishing socle mouldings. It’s a water-borne plaster product that can be tinted with a range of colours, including most of those available with Siloksan Façade. The socle coating provides excellent adhesion on block and cement screed surfaces and is highly resistant to wear and abrasion.

For sheer versatility, Siloksan Primer, a white-spirit-dilutable vinyl paint, guarantees a smooth, stable surface for over-coating, even on dry, crumbly substrates. It penetrates and binds the surface layer and can be top-coated with Siloksan Façade or Siloksan Socle after a few hours. It’s ideal for stabilising and re-painting old masonry, such as soft or fragile cement- or gypsum-based surfaces; in fact, any loose surface that doesn’t need to ‘breathe’ and disperse water vapour. Siloksan Primer can also be used on its own to produce a flat white finish on interior surfaces. It looks fabulous when used for whitening walls and ceilings in old industrial buildings.

Whether the project is a modern new-build or a refurbishment designed to mix traditional and modern themes, the Siloksan range has the perfect finish