Scottish distributors for TeknosPro

TeknosPro has appointed the first Scottish distributor for its new range of specialist products designed for the professional decorator.

Glasgow-based, South West Paint Supplies, became the first official TeknosPro distributor in February and will be one of a small number of hand-picked TeknosPro suppliers serving the Scottish market.

“TeknosPro is a new range of brush applied coatings for the painting and decorating industry and is competing in a market dominated by established brands,” comments TeknosPro's, David Hutchison.

Despite this, TeknosPro distributors will have a unique advantage in that they will be able to offer a professional maintenance product that is guaranteed to be compatible with a variety of factory-finished joinery products.

Teknos is already very well established as an industrial coatings supplier. 

Painting and decorating contractors will, therefore, be familiar with components such as doors, windows and cladding panels being delivered to site already factory-finished with Teknos products.

“With TeknosPro, our distributors will be able to offer these contractors a compatible Teknos product for ongoing maintenance” he adds.

David Brown, sales director with South West Paint Supplies, commented: “We are pleased to be able to add TeknosPro to our portfolio of products. The Teknos name is well-respected and its products are of a high standard.”