Promoting TeknosPro

Promoting TeknosPro

TeknosPro is busy building a strategic network of independent stockists for its range of high quality professional decorating products for walls, ceilings, wood and metal.

The Finnish-owned parent company is already a leading UK supplier of industrial coatings used extensively in the manufacture of traditional joinery products and windows.

With the launch of TeknosPro in 2014, professional tradespeople now have a range of products for site use and ongoing maintenance that is compatible and complementary with many factory finishes.

In February, TeknosPro appointed its first regional distributor, Glasgow-based South West Paint Supplies. Two more Scottish distributors are due to be announced shortly and negotiations are ongoing to appoint stockists in other parts of the UK.

“Ideally I would love to see a distributor in every major city in the UK within the next two years,” says TeknosPro, managing director, Michelle Alcock.

With its range of high-tech paints and coatings, TeknosPro is targeting the top end of the market. “These are high quality products for the professional user,” says Michelle. “So we are looking for independent stockists who know the market and want a premium product to enhance their offering.

“Our distributors will have exclusivity in their regions and won’t be in competition with their neighbours. We are avoiding the big chains because a focus on volume inevitably means a race to the bottom on price”, explains Michelle.

“We don’t want to flood the market; exclusivity is key,” she adds