Spraying Teknos Paints


Professional decorator, Stephen, brought a 5-drawer pine chest and a 7-drawer pine chest back to life with TeknosPro products.

Stephen is the owner of MCK Maintenance, based in Knaphill though his customers come from a wide range of locations. He started the job by de-waxing and then de-greasing all the items, before he applied Futura Aqua 3 to prime all sections of the drawers and chests.

The Futura Aqua 3 primer is a quick-drying, low odour, low VOC, water-borne adhesion primer. To get the consistency he wanted, Stephen mixed it with 250 ml of water and 100 ml of Floetrol. Half a litre of primer later and both chests of drawers were primed. He then de-nibbed them with P240 paper, wiping away any dust with a damp cloth. The finishing coat of the furniture was painted with TeknosPro Futura Aqua 20, a semi-matt, quick-drying topcoat. Stephen once again added 250ml of water and 100ml of Floetrol to get the consistency he wanted.

The whole Futura Aqua range is designed for spraying and can be let down with a little water, no other additive is required though of course it comes down to personal choice. The range can also be applied by brush or by roller.

After the items were sprayed, they were left to dry outside in the warm. The sunny weather brought a few issues for Stephen, “I did notice that small bubbles appeared on the horizontal surfaces, although this was easily fixed by re-rubbing the few affected areas with P240 after they dried, and then re-spraying these areas. I then took the drawers into the workshop to let them dry indoors, instead of in the direct sunlight and this worked. The sunlight had been drying the surface of the bubbles before the paint had a chance to completely level out”.

Stephen recommends allowing the paint to dry naturally and out of direct sunlight or any artificial heat source. He also noticed, that after the temperature dropped to about 9-10 degrees, the paint still dried well and levelled out very well.

Stephen is absolutely delighted with the TeknosPro paints he used; “It is important to use good quality paints as this is a reflection of your professionalism. I think TeknosPro paints lend themselves to spraying very well and they are easy to apply. They give a beautiful finish when they are dry and I would highly recommend them.”

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