Futura Aqua range from TeknosPro for a perfect finish on wood and metal

Futura Aqua

Designed for the professional, the TeknosPro Futura Aqua range of water-borne, mould-resistant wood and metal paints is designed to be more durable than normal interior ones and will endure high stress and heavy use. 

The environmentally-friendly Futura Aqua portfolio comprises – Futura Aqua 20, semi-matt water-borne; Futura Aqua 40, semi-gloss water-borne; and Futura Aqua 80 gloss water-borne.

They provide excellent applicability and are weather and UV resistant so they retain their colour and gloss over time. They are suitable for use on primed wood, metal, and old alkyd surfaces. The paint is easy to apply both by brush, roller and spray, and does not drip, which makes application even more effortless.

Indoors, typical uses of Futura Aqua products include fixtures and fittings: furniture, doors, cupboards, window frames, slats, handrails, panel surfaces, ducts, and radiators. Outdoors, Futura Aqua 20, 80 and 40 are suitable for primed window frames, doors, furniture, banisters, fence structures, etc.

Also available is the versatile Futura Aqua 3 primer. Futura Aqua paints can be tinted to all Teknos colour shades.