Brushing dark wood with Teknos Paints


Professional decorator, Stephen, has done wonders with this clear varnish dark wood on hall, stairs and landing using Teknos products. The dark wood was redecorated in a white satin finish which made it look stunning. Stephen owns MCK Maintenance, that’s based in Knaphill, though he serves customers from a wide range of locations.

The first step was to rub back the surfaces with P80 paper, to break through the multiple layers of tough, clear varnish. Sanding down the surfaces will often help get a smoother finish. After rubbing back the surfaces, Stephen then degreased and rinsed the suface, which helped maximise adhesion and minimise chipping in the wood.

Stephen applied 3 primary coats. “The plan was to originally apply 2 coats of primer/undercoat and 2 top coats. This would achieve an acceptable finish on a lighter coloured wood but 3 primary coats would set the work up for a top class finish”.

To make sure he was applying on a smooth surface he carefully de-nibbed the woodwork in between the coats with P120. Since the low odour, low VOC FUTURA AQUA 3 primer is a quick-drying adhesion primer, the wait between the coats wasn’t long.

“The stain blocking properties of the FUTURA AQUA 3 primer worked extremely well. The advantage over an oil based stain blocker is that the coats were lighter and therefore easier to flatten back to ensure a great finish.” Stephen then applied 2 coats of FUTURA AQUA 40 Satin followed by a clear varnish on the handrail.

“We decided to use Teknos paint for this project, as we had used it before on other jobs and were pleased with the results. You’ll be surprised at the quick drying times of Teknos products, which makes them very easy to apply. I can definitely recommend using Teknos paints for your next job, you’d get a beautiful finish”.

Tools and materials:
Silver Fox 1.5” brush, short pile felt mini roller, Wooster Pelican scuttle, Degreaser, Clear satin varnish, FUTURA AQUA 3 Primer, FUTURA AQUA 40 Satin.