Primers, fillers, sealers and top coats for finishing pre-fabricated parquet

Production line, target costs, resistance, optics, haptics - a number of factors need to be considered in coating options for pre-fabricated parquet. With Teknos, producers will find the right solution. They can rely on a broad product portfolio, proven sample build-ups and the support of experienced Teknos specialists.

Teknos offers a large portfolio of primers, fillers, sealers and top coats for almost any requirement of pre-fabricated parquet. The Teknos portfolio also includes advanced solutions for the specific requirements of PDL (Printed Direct Laminates), LVT, cork or linoleum.

The natural look of timber combined with the benefits of industry production and state-of-the-art finishing make pre-fabricated parquet an attractive interior product with high demand in the market. The finish has a strong impact on optics, haptics, resistance and on the price of the end product.

Good news for producers: Teknos is there to help you find the right solution. Teknos offers a large portfolio of primers, fillers, sealers and top coats for parquet. There are build-up options for almost any requirement: hydro or 100% UV, open or closed pores, from super matte to gloss, from economic to premium finishing quality.

The Teknos portfolio for pre-fabricated parquet include hydro or 100% UV primers from the TEKNOLUX AQUA PRIMER or UVILUX PRIMER ranges, UVILUX FILLER options for open or closed pore surfaces, various UVILUX SEALER solutions for different resistance requirements and the UVILUX top coats with versatile options to control gloss, haptics and appearance of the finish.

Support with choosing the right system

Choosing the right system depends on a number of criteria, including the existing line and number of rollers available, target square metre costs, required abrasion, scratch, micro-scratch and chemical resistance as well as the desired optics and haptics.

In order to make choosing the right system easier, Teknos has defined a number of build-ups that meet typical requirements and are well proven in practice. Based on these build-ups, Teknos can easily pre-select a choice of systems meeting the customer's requirements in terms of properties and target costs.

In addition to that, customer and line-specific build-ups are possible any time. Teknos experts will also help with planning or optimising a production line. If a customer sets up a new line, Teknos experts can advise which units to choose for the best finishing system. 

Cost-efficient, Standard, Performance

Price-sensitive, standard requirements or premium? Many parquet producers position their products along these categories, and this is exactly what Teknos has sample build-ups for:

  • Cost-efficient: A cost-efficient finishing with good price/performance ratio and easy, fast processing. The system will give high-quality open pore finishes with two gloss grades to choose from.
  • Standard: High finishing quality combined with much room for customer-specific options and optimised square metre costs. For both open and closed finishes in a number of gloss grades.
  • Performance: Tailor-made build-up for premium finishes with highest chemical and mechanic resistance. From super matte to glossy, with open or closed pores, and with additional options for various effects. In addition, a high-performance LED curing system is available for sustainable low-energy, low-emission processes.

More than just parquet

The Teknos portfolio also includes solutions for other types of flooring. For PDL (Printed Direct Laminates), for example, Teknos offers a number of systems for different resistance levels and a broad choice of gloss options, haptic structures and visual effects. There are also coating solutions for the special requirements of LVT, cork and linoleum.

Another advanced solution for flooring manufacturers is the V-groove coating TEKNOGROOVE. The water-borne lacquer is easy to process, dries fast and effectively protects V-grooves against penetration of fluids. A perfect solution for an attractive flooring joint pattern.

Teknos flooring solutions at LIGNA

Teknos will present a number of best practice applications and samples of parquet and other flooring finishes. On all LIGNA days, there will be Teknos specialists on the stand - a perfect opportunity for an update on state-of-the-art solutions for flooring.


Teknos at LIGNA (Hanover, Germany):
27-31 May 2019
Hall 17, stand D76