Machine repairing of wooden surfaces in fast, economic processes

Teknos has developed two new 100% UV-curing putty options for transparent and pigmented application. UVILUX Putty is a perfect solution for time-saving machine repair of mouldings, door frames, furniture or flooring in line speeds up to 100 m/min.

Competitive products require economic production processes and high line speeds. Especially so when the wood used needs a high amount of repair. Two new UVILUX Putty solutions have been developed for exactly such requirements. Both products are for film-building pre-treatment of wood in an industrial process. With their high viscosity, they are perfect solutions for repairing damages such as knots, cracks or joints.

Pigmented UV putty offers new possibilities

Besides a transparent UVILUX Putty 1465, there will also be a pigmented UVILUX Putty 1465-20. For the first time producers have the option of a dark-pigmented UV-curing putty. This means that darker-coloured damages can now be repaired in a time-saving, economic process - a strong benefit especially for flooring producers. A typical use case for pigmented UVILUX Putty is knots in prefabricated oak parquet, which can now be repaired in an automated process.

Flexible processing options

Both UV putty products can be easily integrated in the production process. They can be applied by box, extruder, roller or manually, thus meeting the requirements of both profiled or flat surfaces. Applied manually, the product can even be used in tight production environments.

Processing is very fast. UVILUX Putty can be cured with gallium and mercury lamps as well as 365 and 395 nm UV LED lamps. Two different product qualities will be available with a deep-curing property of max 6 mm or even max 12 mm, respectively. Combined curing with mercury and gallium lamps will allow for line speeds of up to 100 m/min for the transparent UVILUX Putty 1465.

Strong performance

UVILUX putties are state-of-the-art coating solutions with strong benefits for industrial processes. They give producers the option to achieve perfect surfaces in an economic process even if the wood quality is limited. Damages can be machine repaired in a time-saving process even in darker colours, thanks to the pigmented UVILUX Putty. Processing will be fast, easy and sustainable, with no hardening, no pot-life limitation, no oven-drying, no VOC emission and practically no waste. In addition, labour costs and space needed for the production line can be minimised.

All-in-all, UVILUX Putty are perfect solutions for a state-of-the-art, economic production process for applications such as mouldings, door frames, furniture or flooring.


UVILUX Putty 1465 at LIGNA

After finishing the final field tests, the new transparent UVILUX Putty 1465  and pigmented UVILUX PUTTY 1465-20 options will soon be available. LIGNA visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about UVILUX Putty and see first samples at the Teknos stand.

Teknos at LIGNA (Hanover, Germany):
27-31 May 2019
Hall 17, stand D76