Teknos in the Netherlands

Windows installed on new-builds, stylish facades, designed building components treated with fire-retardant coating - Teknos Drywood offers its customers a lot in the Netherlands. 

"Window construction works a little differently in the Netherlands compared with other countries", explains Johan Nienhuis, Technical Service and Product Manager at Teknos Drywood. "In this country, it is common to install windows at an extremely early stage of a project and construct the building around them. Therefore in the factory, the window is only primed or primed and given an intermediate coating. The coatings are KOMO certified which ensures externally audited quality and good early adhesion as well as early water resistance and good resistance against frost. The topcoat is then applied on site in either one or two layers, depending on the pre-coating." 


Perfectly sealed frame joints

Opti-Joint adhesive joint sealer is one of the many special products manufactured by Teknos Drywood. The adhesive sealer is applied to one side of the facing surface on the wood before the frame components are joined. It seals the capillaries to prevent moisture from penetrating the frame joints. Opti-Joint is suitable for all types of wood, including Accoya®, and can be used on all types of joint. 

Opti-Joint XP and XP II are single-component products and therefore extremely easy to use. It has an open time of 15-20 minutes and only requires short pressing times with minimal pressure. Excess material is easy to remove. Opti-Joint XP II is available in White and Brown Opti-Joint XP is available in translucent grey, and can be coated with all Teknos primers. The product is certified according to BRL 0819 (KOMO certificate 20935).

"Opti-Joint has been used in the Netherlands for more than six years", explains Johan Nienhuis. "Weathering tests have proven that the frame joints absorb less moisture. Opti-Joint increases the durability of window elements significantly and is therefore an extremely useful solution for many window manufacturers, not just in the Netherlands."

Teknos projects in the Netherlands

One of the showcase projects of Teknos Drywood was the new town hall in Deventer, which was completed in 2016. It boasts striking interior and exterior facades that incorporate oak elements and windows featuring individual aluminium decorative elements of the enlarged fingerprints of 2,264 residents of Deventer. The windows and oak elements were treated with a 4-layer translucent system consisting of Optifinish TR Gloss and Poseidon UV TR MATT. All frame joints were sealed with Opti-Joint XP.

Another typical example is a colourful residential complex in Groningen which Teknos Drywood provided the coatings for. The facades are manufactured from pressure-treated softwood coated Woodstain VV. Woodstain VV is a transparent semi-filmforming product. It absorbs well into the wood, but also forms a thin paint film on the surface that protects the wood against moisture penetration, while preserving water vapour permeability.

Teknos Drywood provided the fire-retardant coating for the administration building of the ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam, which was completed in 2017. For safety reasons, fire-retardant measures had to be implemented. With help from Teknos Drywood and TEKNOSAFE 2467, the Rotterdam company Studio RAP specializing in design solutions was able to conduct the SBI tests required to certify the construction.


Teknos Drywood - We make the world last longer

Teknos Drywood produces and develops water based coatings in the Netherlands for wooden substrates such as windows, sashes, doors, sidings, interior doors, furniture, etc for industrial and brush applications.



Opti-Joint adhesive joint sealer

The adhesive sealer is applied to one side of the facing surface on the wood before the frame components are joined. It seals the capillaries to prevent moisture from penetrating the frame joints. 

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