Parlour Farm

Cotswolds based company Parlour Farm has been working with Teknos GBI for almost 15 years.

Parlour Farm offer bespoke, handmade kitchens and expect their coatings to offer a superior finish to complement their products. Managing Director Dino Mussell explains further, “We design, sell, manufacture and install totally bespoke cabinetry. Our factory is based in Cirencester along with our showroom, which is one of the largest in the country.”

As well as kitchens, Parlour Farm also manufacture boot rooms, studies, wine stores, bedrooms and utilities. As you can imagine, their products experience some intense usage after installation, meaning that any finishes have to withstand tough conditions to protect the materials underneath and keep the products beautiful for years.

Dino adds, “One of the principal reasons we use Teknos coatings for industrial wood is that they are some of the most hard-wearing external paints on the market. Stunning, tailor-made furniture has to be functional too and we apply Teknos products, confident that our customers will love the finish as much as we do.”

A key feature of Teknos paints, is their ability to expand and contract as ambient temperatures vary. Many of Parlour Farm’s products are constructed from Oakwhich is particularly sensitive to moisture and UV discolouration, making the protection of this material all the more important for the company. Furthermore, the flexing of timber over the seasons is especially incompatible with solvent-based coatings, as they embrittle with ageing. Water-borne coatings like those in the Teknos range however, can accommodate the natural movement of timber.

To ensure a perfect finish to their products, Parlour Farm Kitchens use TEKNOSEAL 4000, a clear, water-based end grain sealer for their raw timber. They then apply a spray primer, AQUAPRIMER 3130 which provides excellent grain filling and sanding, a high film build and can be used on internal or external softwood joinery.

The crowning glory is the opaque top coat in AQUATOP which provides a flexible, durable and microporous protective film, resistant to bacteria, mould and UV rays. This paint is suitable for softwoods, hardwoods, engineered and modified timbers and can be applied by air assisted airless spray, brush or roller. It has the added advantage of being fast drying, allowing Parlour Farm to expedite their manufacturing.

“We are extremely pleased with the performance and results of Teknos coatings, which we use for all our painted furniture” says Dino, “The Teknos service is excellent and their level of expertise is exceptional, providing reassuring support in addition to great products that enhance our own offering.”