If you think windows only come in white, think again. No one knows this better than timber windows and doors manufacturer, Mumford & Wood

Their made-to-order windows and doors grace some of the most elegant homes in the UK. Many of these buildings are in conservation areas or have other restrictions dictating the shades to be used on the exterior. As you can imagine, Mumford & Wood have some pretty specific colour requests.

To meet these demands they use Teknos paints, colour-matched to the customers’ precise shades. It’s a long-standing partnership that Initial Assembly & Paint Shop Supervisor, Dave Ford says, has not let them down “We’ve been using Teknos paints for longer than the 15 years I’ve been here and never had an issue”. He adds “I never have to go on warranty visits and that speaks volumes about the quality of Teknos paints.

Recent projects that specified strong colour include a dark charcoal on a converted Dutch Barn, a rich brown translucent on a new home in Gerrards Cross and slate-grey with blue undertones on an 18th century Kent farmhouse front door. These properties will enjoy windows and doors that last as they are protected by the AQUAPRIMER 2900 (translucent base), ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901 (opaque base) and AQUATOP 2600 Teknos coating system for factory finished joinery.

Dave expects the demand for deeper colours to continue “Dual finish is popular at the moment, especially with architects. This is when windows have contrasting colours on the exterior and interior; typically a dark colour outside with a lighter shade for the visible section inside. It is a labour intensive finish but the end result is a nice look”.

Mumford & Wood are now mixing their own opaque colours from thousands of Teknos colour recipes. The partnership that meets customers’ exacting specifications continues.

For more information on Teknos colour collections and products for windows and doors, talk to your Area Account Manager or contact sales@teknos.co.uk.

Visit mumfordwood.com to browse their stunning ranges of timber windows and doors.