Helix Park

Sven Skatun of Norbuild Timber's Lighting Columns in Helix Park using Teknos Aqua Primer

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Helix Park was formed as part of The Kelpies in Falkirk Central Scotland. The 100 hectare area that makes up Helix park is used for various activities and projects throughout the year. 

Incorporated into the site is an area called the Great Lawn. This was an area developed to host events, and to that extent required some form of lighting. It was decided that timber lighting columns were the best way of creating light. Sven Skatun of Nor-Build Timber Fabrication & Fine Carpentry Ltd was commissioned to come up with an idea for timber lighting Columns.

Having successfully completed a similar project with timber lighting columns and street furniture in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands he had a fair idea of what was required. Sven decided to consult Teknos to discuss the best coating options for 15mtr high timber lighting columns. After much discussion it was agreed by all parties that the Teknos range of Aqua primer 2900 in Teak and Aquatop 2600 in Nut was to be the colour for these columns.

The columns were manufactured and installed around July 2013. The photographs show them after installation and in July 2015. Given the exposed location of the columns, you will agree, the coating is performing very well. Nor-Build Timber Fabrication has undertaken many projects similar to this one over the years and now prefers to use Teknos as a coating supplier. Sven has just been commissioned to undertake a new project with some street furniture and Teknos are assisting with some of the technical aspects for a coating solution.