Teknos paints have been used to protect the Accoya on a number of boat stations in the north of England

Paling Joiners chose Teknos coatings and Accoya® due to the guarantees and warranties of the products. The Teknos coatings were essential in these projects because, not only were the products durable, they were also compatible with Accoya® to create strong and sturdy protected external joinery. Paul Swallow, Director at Paling Joiners commented “Lifeboats,and the buildings that house them, need to withstand the worst of the world’s weather! We needed a world leader in paints and coatings and in TeknosIndustry, we have our partner.”

Known for being durable, TeknosIndustry coatingswere used by Paling Joiners to protect the external joinery, including windows and door sets, of the RNLI boat stations in St Davids (2016), Swanage (2016), Scarborough (2016), Llandudno (2017) and Bridlington (2017- pictured).

The RNLI boat station in Swanage was protected with one coat of TeknosIndustry’s ANTISTAIN Primer in ‘External White', a waterborne industrial primer designed for exterior use on timber, followed by two coats of TeknosIndustry’s AQUATOP 2600 topcoat in ‘Clean White’, a fast-drying topcoat. For the other RNLI boat station projects, including Bridlington (pictured) Paling Joiners used AQUAPRIMER 2900, a waterborne combi primer, followed by AQUATOP 2600, a waterborne top coat; both in ‘Teak’, a shade from TeknosIndustry’s Timber Trends colour range. 

Accoya® wood, a modified timber in which a process called acetylation enables it to resist rot and defy the elements, was selected as the material of choice for this project. With its outstanding durability and dimensional stability, it offers a 50-year above ground and 25-year in ground/freshwater guarantee. This provided peace of mind that it will stand the test of time and withstand the coastal elements, keeping the building strong for decades.