coating solutions for professionals working with steel structures, aluminium profiles and facade coaters

We offer a versatile range of coating solutions for professionals working with steel structures as well as for aluminium profile and facade coaters. While our products are able to provide industry-leading technical features such as corrosion and UV protection as well as general ability to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, they are also VOC compliant and environmentally friendly.

As our selection includes both powder coatings and wet paints, an ideal coating can be found for every specific project and situation. We possess wide experience in steel construction work and its special requirements including working phases such as welding, mounting and transportation. This knowledge has been fully utilised in our quest to create a coating selection that is able to answer even the most demanding industry requirements. Our local service network assists you in choosing the right product for every job, also providing fast and flexible support to enable smooth, uninterrupted processes.

Our high-quality products ensure the best possible cost-efficiency as less maintenance and repair work is needed. At the same time, they make the painting process smoother and faster – and thus also more productive from the constructing professionals’ point of view. We continuously develop our coating portfolio to be able to meet the evolving needs the best possible way at all times.



Chris Hamilton

Commercial Director