Coating Systems for Accoya and Tricoya wood

Modified woods such as Accoya® and Tricoya® offer a combination of stability, durability and versatility so are ideal for the manufacture of windows, doors and cladding. Teknos coating systems have undergone independent trials to test their performance on Accoya and Tricoya and for fully factory finished windows we are pleased to offer:

up to 12 Years Warranty

Opaque Coating Systems on Accoya

up to 10 Years Warranty

Translucent Coating Systems on Accoya

Where in the world are Teknos coatings protecting Accoya and Tricoya?

Belle Tout Lighthouse, UK

Accsys Offices, NL

A tried and tested partnership for external joinery

Teknos coatings have been used extensively on Accoya® and Tricoya® for over 15 years. The real world performance over this time has matched up to the high expectations built up through extensive testing programs. The combined quality and service levels of Accoya, Tricoya and Teknos are one of the most effective systems for external joinery and cladding.


 Siberian Larch

 Western Red Cedar

Pictures shown are 5 years into 8 year weather test in the UK

Why choose Accoya with Teknos coatings?

Long-lasting coatings

Low maintenance

Suitable for any climate

Low environmental impact

Insect resistant

Stable timber


Coating systems for Accoya and Tricoya

Download a coating specification

Accoya opaque

Accoya translucent

Tricoya opaque 2-Layer

Tricoya opaque 3-Layer

Tricoya translucent

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